Book Signing: Ginny Fite – Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea

December 14, 2019

December 14, 2019

11:00 To 13:00

Event Description

Sometimes the last person you save is yourself. Elena must take her city back from terrorists. Hana must save her tribe from the wrath of a ruthless king. They’re stronger together. The problem is they’re 4,000years and 6,000 miles apart. Wounded during a terrorist attack, NYC police commando Elena Labat wakes from her coma aboard a Phoenician boat on the Mediterranean Sea to find a young girl lashed to the mast. The girl is Hana, who has trekked across Bronze Age Lebanon with Danel to prevent a king from destroying her tribe. Set in Bronze Age Mediterranean cities and contemporary New York and told in alternating points of view, Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea features resourceful protagonists in a coming of age story like Jean M. Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear combined with the magical realism of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander.


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